• 800 employees : 660 in France, 140 in Germany
  • Six clearly defined and complementary brands meeting all the requirements of European customers
  • Four efficient plants: the original site in La Limouzinière, LeVoyageur (LV1) in Membrolle sur Longuénée, Pilote/Bavaria (LV2) adjacent to the LeVoyageur plant and Frankia/RMB in Marktschorgast in Germany
  • 4300 motorhomes manufactured
  • 250 outlets in our network, in 18 European countries and in India




With a series of motorhomes ranged and well-balanced between 4 products families of vans, coachbuilts, low profiles and A-Class models, Pilote is a true European generalist manufacturer. The brands includes 4 series levels :

  •  Aventura
  • Référence
  • Explorateur
  • Explorateur Diamond Edition



Bavaria was created in 1996 in order to meet market needs. The models manufactured in the Pilote La Limouzinière factory have a very attractive price. Bavaria also has a nice series of innovative manufactured products in Angers. The brand includes 4 series levels:


  • Arctic
  • Baltic
  • Fjord
  • Fjord Nordic Edition


Launched in 2006, Moovéo  is the entry-level Brand of the Group.



Frankia is unmistakably the European specialist for the double-floor motorhome. This technology applied to all Frankia motorhomes, satisfies compelling and passionate customers.






LeVoyageur : 

 LeVoyageur is the specialist in “up-scale French-style” motorhomes, which is characterised by an innovative manufacturing technique and a personalised customer approach.







RMB, a prestigious German brand, is the symbol of very luxurious motorhomes.






The Plants of the group : 

An extensive and well-balanced range of coachbuilt motorhomes, low profiles, A-Class vehicles and vans manufactured at 4 production sites


Usine de La Limouzinière - 75000 M2 de terrains dont 20000 de constructions


Les Usines de la Membrolle sur Longuenée (49) et le MSC (Motorhome Service Center)



The Pilote Group – an environmentally responsible company :

The Pilote Group has taken the path of environmental responsibility, implementing numerous initiatives to improve management of the impact its business has on the environment.

Les actions du groupe Pilote en faveur de l'environnement

Over the years, it has made a priority of reducing its carbon footprint. Each time plants are modernised, the environmental dimension is taken into consideration.

For example, the Frankia plant in Germany is equipped with a wood-fired boiler which burns joinery waste and heats the premises.

At the La Limouzinière plant, rainwater has been recaptured since 2007 for use in the toilets and bathrooms. Solar panels are used to produce domestic hot water and a heat pump system has replaced fuel oil heating.

Another heat pump is installed at the MSC technical centre in Angers which also boasts a green roof.

At Pilote, environmental responsibility is not just a passing trend or a superficial fad allowing us to ride the green wave but a fundamental commitment.

Its energy-efficient, low-noise production lines have limited impact on the environment, especially since they are used only to assemble vehicles. Nevertheless, work has been done to make them even more environmentally sound. Among other things this has involved phasing out solvents, especially on the gluing line. These investments do not provide an immediate return but benefits are reaped in the long term through energy savings, waste recovery and improved working conditions for employees. Sorting containers have been installed everywhere and staff are trained in sorting waste.

They embody a public-spirited approach and demonstrate the type of responsible conduct required in response to current sustainable development issues.